How much will my invitations cost me?
There is a large variety of invitations. There are budget, middle and high end invitations. An order of 100 invitations on average, may range between $60. to $90. and some catalogs offer quantity discounts.

Why do I need to order RSVP cards?
This may save hundreds of dollars when giving your guest count to the catering company. Eliminate paying for extra plates!

When should I order my invitations?
Invitation companies recommend to order 3-4 months before your
wedding or when all the wedding plans are finalized. A helpful idea for out of town guests is to out order ” Save the Date” cards and mail 6 months to 1 year ahead.

How early do I send out invitations?
The new school of thought, because everyone has a busier life style today is to mail them 6 to 8 weeks before your wedding.

How long does it take for my invitation order to arrive?
After you have actually placed your order, one can expect to receive them in 3 days to 3 weeks depending on the catalog and invitation chosen.

What are considered traditional invitations?
Traditional invitations are white, ivory or ecru with or without a panel.
Traditional invitations can be thermographed or engraved.

Whom should I include when sending invitations?
n addition to your family and your fiancée’s family and friends, you should send invitations to the members of your wedding party and the person performing the ceremony and their spouse

May guests be invited to a reception and not the wedding itself?
Yes, if the wedding service is attended only by relatives and family friends.

Are wedding announcements ever sent to anyone who has been invited to the ceremony or reception?
No, wedding announcements are only sent to those people who were not invited to the ceremony or reception or if the wedding takes place in another location where these people can not attend.

When should announcements be mailed?
Announcements should be mailed a day or two after the wedding.

Should my invitation envelopes be addressed formally?
Yes, abbreviations should not be used except for Mr., Mrs., Jr., or Dr.

Is it correct to use “and family” on invitation envelopes?
No, separate invitations should be sent to adult family members living under the same roof, whenever possible. For small children, address the outer envelope to their parents and write their first names on the inner envelope under the parents’ names.

What is the purpose of the tissue included with my invitation order?
In the past, tissues were used to guard against ink smears. Today’s printing methods don’t require tissue, but many continue to use it for aesthetic reasons and for the sake of tradition.